Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Overall, it was a good year . . .

Hello Friends -
Happy New Year's Eve!

It has been a fun 2013!   And I am looking forward to an eventful 2014!

Just a quick look at 2013 that never got blogged . . . I am always making something.

Stay safe today and I'll see you in the new year!
Mary -

Graduation card for my niece, Paige.

Birthday card for my nephew, Dan.
I sent live ladybugs as his gift.
When I plan a bit, I can make more detailed cards.

New neighbor card to go with an Apple Pie.

My attempt to replicate a beautiful
Fourth of July banner from my sister, Stephanie,
with Halloween fabric.

Canning entered as a new hobby this summer.
Organic strawberry freezer preserves in vanilla yogurt
is quite yummy!

Part One - Birthday card for my niece, Anna.

Part Two, what a pop of color can do.

Birthday present for my sister, Stephanie.
I tried to get it in the sunlight so you can see
the gold mist spray on the brown paper.

A trio of gifts.

My roasted pumpkin seeds for adult trick-or-treaters.

Halloween card that I made in mass.

Birthday card for my nephew, Alex.

Turkey shaped pancakes.
I do weekly art with pancake batter.

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