Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Garden Talk - Fall Container Gardening

Hello Friends -
I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by.  Here we are - October!

It feels like autumn today.  Leaves falling.  Overcast sky.  No chill in the air, but that will be here soon enough.

Needed to be in love with my house again so I did a little arrangement on the front porch.  It needs a few bright colored leaves around the base but none of those beauties have fallen yet.

{And yes, I did cringe when I put the pots on the new porch.  I was reminded it is just cement.}

The container has Purple Fountain Grass and Flowering Cabbage with white geraniums that are not in the photo.  I plant containers (my favorite thing to do) that are "all around" so they can be pretty from all sides.  I move them around in my yard during the summer for different looks depending on what we are doing in the yard - entertaining or playing children.

If you think about what you plant you can get many seasons out of a container.

I plant my spring/summer containers with fall in mind.  I use Purple Fountain Grass for height and a different color instead of a spike.

I try to find a 3 - 6 pack of Flowering Cabbage or Kale for a few dollars rather than paying $5 - $8 in the fall.  They will not be huge but stay in proportion to the container.

Then I fill in with summer annuals of our color choice.  Sometimes those plants stay on to the fall or if they do not match, I will remove them and replant with plants from other containers to go with the look I want to achieve.

This arrangement cost about $30 total.  I already had the containers.  There are about $12 in plants for and soil mix in the container (3 seasons).  The mum was $11 and the pumpkin was $4.

Hope this gets you in the mood to rearrange and think about how you garden.

Happy Day to you -
Mary -

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