Monday, September 9, 2013

Coffee Talk - New Hobby?

Hello Friends -
I hope you had a great summer!  We certainly did this year.  So many days at the beach, the pool and hanging out at home were just what we needed to get ready for this new school year.

I am sorry I was not posting.  I was crafting.  I was photographing.  But I was not editing or writing because I was living a different life this summer.

As I was expressing my guilt to my great friend, Missy, about my total slacker attitude toward my business for the last several months.  {And it is totally my own fault.  I really need some deadlines and accountability to motivate me!  Or maybe just a calendar would help!}  Missy pointed out, "You have a new hobby."

Yes, I have a new obsession - finding a new home.

That is what I would do online, every day - look for a house and drive up and down streets to write down potential addresses.  Now it is not just any house.  I have this idea and that is some of the problem.  We have 3 main areas that we are looking.  And that is another problem.  It seems like so is everyone else.  So far, no house that I have to have.  No house that I cried over when we were out bid.

A few times we have thought we had a winner, things do look better in photos.  It is the smells that are usually the downfall!  Well that and being in a flood zone can do it too.

So there it is.  Constantly looking for a house on my own and with a realtor to get it first.  My realtor joked that I should get my realtor's license because I know some of the neighborhoods so well.

I have not given up hope but now there is just slim pickings and nothing new to look at.  I will not be as crazed to watch e-mails for alerts 30 times a day (I didn't count but it probably was that).  And I will move back to crafting and trying to love this house.

And laugh with me - I need to make some home decor because I was so sure that we were moving that Halloween and Christmas are packed and in storage.  And I made a little deal with myself that I would not go into storage.  Seriously, we were the ones at the beach with deli containers and a metal colander because I packed the beach toys last year.  Sad, I know.

And that is what I know.  Still waiting for my Halloween paper order to show up.  Cannot wait to get started with all of the ideas in my head.

Thank you for your patience.  There is more to come.

Happy Day to you -
Mary -

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