Monday, May 20, 2013

Coffee Talk -

Hello Friends -
Hope you had a great weekend!

Every once in awhile I just feel like chatting.  Be it over coffee or diet coke or your favorite beverage . . . so thanks for reading.

OK, I go to a hair salon to get my hair done.  It is one of those splurges that I do about 4 times a year and really it is not that expensive.  (Well yes, it is more than going to Great Clips.)

But the salon is a different experience.  Really.  Once I sit down, someone asks me if I would like lemon water, tea or coffee and how I would like it and then it is served in a glass goblet or china cup.  And in between services I am asked again.

The head massage during the hair washing stage is divine.

I am a big aromatherapy lover and the products smell wonderful.

The blow out and finished look garners compliments for the next two days on how great my hair looks.  {I see immense value here.}

And I asked loads of questions.  I have semi-curly thick hair that goes crazy big in humidity.  {I really need to move to a dryer climate for better hair days.}

My recent question was, "How do I not frizz so much and have nicer curls?"  I try loads of products from the mass market stores and some work okay.  But I really want a better look.

Frankie made her suggestion and how to apply it.  I said, "Okay."  But she did not use it because she did my hair straight with a big roller brush, hair dryer and lots of pulling.

I get to the check out and was surprised on this tube of magic's price tag.  {It does have a money back guarantee as long as it is not half gone.}

So my question to you if you care to comment:  Would you spend $25 for 5.1 ounces of product if you know you will have good looking hair for as long as the tube lasts?

I justified my purchase because:
1.  I can take it back and I would if I was not happy.
2.  I spend $25 on a die for my Big Shot if I love it and then sometimes forget to use it or only use it a few times.

So let me know what you think and I will let you know if the magic is real or not.

Happy Day to you -
Mary -


  1. I suffer from the opposite hair malady as you-- fine, flat, blah hair that blahs even more (if possible) in humid weather. I would give a promised product a try-- in hopes of promises complete, but also because of the justifications you mentioned. Seriously, how much do we spend on craft goodies that sit on a shelf and rarely improve our looks?!

  2. It doesn't matter how many products I buy; I can never make my hair look the way a hairdresser does. I think it's a problem with anatomy - my arms are attached to the front of my body. I can't work with my hair from behind like they do!!



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